Working Outside the Jurisdicition

When defined contribution (DC) funds are received on a member’s behalf, the total amount is transferred to the member’s 401(k) account at Transamerica. Click the link here for more information > Working outside the Jurisdiction - Retirement Contributions

The 401(k) is administered by Transamerica

Customer Service: 1-888-976-8171

Access your Account Online

Dowload the Transamerica Mobile App:

   Apple or Android

Your Online Account gives you access to:

• Check account balance
• Review investment performance
• Manage contributions and fund allocations
• Access Distribution forms
• Review loan status and payoff details

• Review Your Retirement Outlook®

Two types of Contributions



1. Voluntary 401(k) Election - You may contribute between 1% and 100% on a pre-tax basis up to the IRS annual limit.

To Enroll: Submit a completed Particpation Election Agreement Form to your Employer. It is a triplicate form. Your Employer keeps the yellow copy and will submit the white copy to the Local 38 Fund Office and you keep the pink copy for your records.

A new form must be completed anytime you change employers, make an election change, or terminate your election. Forms are available at the Local 38 Fund Office, Local 38 Union Hall, JATC, and some employer's payroll departments. 


2. Employer Contributed 401(k)- Employers will contribute a specific dollar amount per hour paid as outline in your collective bargaining agreement. Please refer to the collective bargaining agreement for the current rate.

What happens to your first 401(k) contribution deposit?

Your initial contributions are deposited into a Target Date Fund based on your normal retirement date.  Target Date Funds are designed to derisk as you approach retirement. Complete information on the plan's investment alternatives can be found on the Transamerica website.You have the option to decide how your account will be invested among the available investment options by calling Transamerica or going on the Transamerica website.

401(k) Beneficiary Designation Form


Please return the completed Beneficiary Designation Form to the Local 38 Fund Office. 




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