The IBEW Local 38 Health & Welfare Fund benefits include medical, prescription, dental, vision, health reimbursement account, weekly disability, and death benefit. Additional information regarding the Fund’s third-party claim administrators, such as the Medical PPO Provider, the Prescription Benefit Manager, the Dental Provider and Vision Provider may be found in more detail in the drop-down menu under Health & Welfare. 

For complete information on benefits, please read the Summary Plan Description and any subsequent Summary of Material Modifications. 

INITIAL ELIGIBILITY - You must have at least 300 hours in health contributions in three or fewer consecutive months to gain initial eligibility. The coverage will begin during the corresponding benefit month.   Example: Contactor reports 160 hours for May and 160 hours for June.  June is your Eligibility month and August is the Benefit month. Your coverage would start August 1.

CONTINUED ELIGIBILITY - At least 130 hours of contributions or Bank Hours in the eligibility work month for coverage during the corresponding benefit month.   

BANK HOURS - Once initial eligibility is met, any hours received that exceeds 130 hours will be added to your Bank Hours. Bank Hours are maxed at 780 hours. 

Working outside Local 38's Jurisdiction? - The total Health & Welfare hours received, regardless of the H&W rate, are applied to the member’s Hour Bank for continued eligibility. (Please note some Locals report as Hours Worked versus Hours Paid)

ERTS (Electronic Reciprocal Transfer System):

When a member works out of the jurisdiction, ERTS is the system used to transfer ‘like funds to like funds’.  Health & Welfare, Pension (defined benefit), and Employer 401(k) (defined contribution) contributions are the only funds that may be reciprocated back to your Home Local on ERTS. There is a two-month reporting lag with out of jurisdiction contributions.  


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