Termination in Marriage

It is the responsibility of the Local 38 Member to notify the Fund Office of the effective date of a termination of marriage, including Divorce, Dissolution, or Legal Separation. 


  • Health: A Spouse who is divorced or legally separated from the Local 38 Member will not be eligible for coverage under the Plan as of the date of termination of the marriage. Failure to advise the Fringe Benefit Office of the termination of marriage can result in an overpayment of Benefits.  The Local 38 Member will be responsible to repay to the Fund the overpayment as per Section IV, subsection L, Recovery of Overpayment in the Summary Plan Description.


  • Pension: The member is responsible for providing the Fund office with a court approved and docketed Divorce Decree and Separation Agreement once it is made available. Qualified Domestic Relation Orders should be submitted to and reviewed by the Fund Counsel for approval prior to being submitted to the Court for approval.  All approved and docketed QDRO’s must be on file before any Pension processing can be started. Failure to submit necessary documents could delay your pension benefit.

Enrolling Eligible Dependents into Plan

Submit an Enrollment Form and required documentation outlined below to the Fund Office. Please refer to Article I Section B - Definitions in the Health & Welfare Summary Plan Description for complete information on who qualifies as a Eligible Dependent.

  • Spouse - Copy of Official Marriage Certificate including official seal.
  • Children - Copy of Official Birth Certificate and Copy of Social Security Card. (Additional requirements are needed for stepchildren, please refer to the H&W SPD.)

Beneficiary Cards/form

When you first gain initial eligibility, the Local 38 Fund Office will mail a yellow IBEW Local No. 38 Welfare Fund Beneficiary Designation Card, a green IBEW Local No. 38 Pension Fund Beneficiary Designation Card, and a 401(k) Beneficiary Form. 

Please complete and return all three to the Local 38 Fund Office. 

Beneficiary Update: The latest beneficiary card on file will generally determine who receives any benefit which may be payable on your behalf if you should die. It is extremely important to update all Beneficiary forms and cards with the Fund Office and the Union Hall. 

If you have a change in life status call the Fund Office at 216-431-7738 to request new beneficiary cards and form.


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