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HRA Vendor: P&A Group



The IRS governs HRA substantiation requirements. If manual substantiation is required, the P&A Group will mail and email to you a Request for Documentation.  


 P&A Group Request for Documentation Notification Timeline:

  1. A Request for Documentation is sent to you by mail and email (if provided).
  2. If there is no response within 20 days, a 2nd Request for Documentation is sent.
  3. If there is no response within 20 days, a 3rd and final Request for Documentation is sent advising if you do not respond, the HRA debit card will be Deactivated.
  4. If there is no response within 30 days, a 4th letter is sent advising that the card is Deactivated.

You will be required to repay the amount charged if you cannot substantiate the transaction. 

Benefit Overview

Please refer to Article VII - Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Association Benefit (VEBA) in the Health & Welfare SPD for complete information regarding eligibility and forfeiture rules.


Working in Local 38 jurisdiction: $0.50 per Hour Paid funded through Employer pretax contributions (subject to applicable Collective Bargaining Agreements) which may be used for eligible medical expenses or insurance self-payment.


Working outside Local 38 jurisdiction:  If the H&W rate being reciprocated is lower than Local 38's H&W rate minus the HRA contribution amount; the member will not receive the HRA contribution. It is very important to be familiar with other Locals benefits and rates that will be reciprocated back to Local 38. 


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